RADICAL AUTHENTICITY - a 20 hour CPD training


11th April 11:00 - 19:00

12th April 09:00 - 17:30

This weekend course is designed to tease out any doubt, insecurities or hiding around authentic expression as a guide of yoga. We will spend time having honest conversations and asking ourselves deeper questions so we can strip back what is in the way of us showing up truly as we are.

By diving into the business of yoga, learning how to run workshops and retreats, discussing current events in the yoga community and discussing professionalism as a teacher, we are sure to expand ourselves into a more authentic version of ourselves. The goal of this training is to align ourselves with the wise voice inside, as well as the tradition of yoga.

Then, we can unfold and expand into each other with purpose and intention.

• Finding your Authentic Voice
• Business of Yoga
• How to run workshops and retreats
• Navigating professional relationships in the yoga community
• Discussion of current issues (cultural appropriation, the yoga “industry”)
• Daily 3 hour practices

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