Mary Ramage

Roz Zyw

Mary is passionate about yoga and the transformation it can bring. For her, it is many things, but the most practical is the tool of self regulation.

She believes the practice of yoga and integration can take many forms and loves nothing more than helping people find theirs. She loves to teach creative vinyasa classes, and has a great interest in meditation, mantra and the wisdom of nature-all of which are weaved into her classes and workshops. 
She has a keen interest in the human body, understanding how this vehicle responds to the elements and environments around us. She is always looking for ways in which to develop her knowledge of the body, develop deeper connection to herself and those around her and of course, the practice of yoga itself which is a lifelong studentship.  She takes the opportunity to study with inspiring and knowledgable teachers whenever she can.

Mary strives to continually evolve her teaching practice to deliver her classes with skill, compassion and wholeheartedness. Her classes are held in a safe, supportive and relaxed environment where students are encouraged to learn and develop within a community that brings varying levels of experience, but a common love and curiosity for the practice.

Roz attended her first hatha yoga class as a teenager with her mum, a memory she cherishes. 
Since then she has enjoyed a mixture of yoga classes over the years; hatha, ashtanga, flow
and yin.
In 2015, Roz completed a 200hr teacher training course in Hatha Raja Yoga from CYS
Scotland.  Since then her studies have focused mainly on developing skills and knowledge to
teach yoga and mindfulness to children.  Her training took her to London to train with Jo
Manuel of Special Yoga London.  These courses have equipped her with valuable skills for
sharing the benefits of yoga with children to teach in a productive and child friendly way to
introduce the fundamentals of yoga.  Roz's most recent learning has been in developing skills
to offer a supportive environment for mums to be to enjoy all the benefits yoga has to offer.
Yoga has transformed Roz’s attitude to life and she loves to share her learning and
development with her students.  Roz’s goal is to encourage students to experience the
positive effects of connecting the mind and body through yoga; you're never too young or too
old to embark on your journey!
Roz likes to create a friendly, light hearted environment for people of all ages to enjoy the
benefits of yoga.
​Roz teaches flow, hatha, kids and pregnancy yoga.

Yoga has positively transformed my health, body and attitude to life.

My studies of yoga include Hatha, Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Myofascial Release and Yin Yoga. I am also passionate about Meditation, Mantra and Sound Healing.

My intention in teaching is to create a supportive and nourishing energy allowing students to connect with their own inner resources of peace.


Classes are dynamic enough to invigorate you, but mindfully meeting your energy levels.

Clare Martin

Jack Irvine

Jack started practising yoga in 1999 in the Iyengar tradition and was quickly hooked by the profound effect it had on her sense of wellbeing. She subsequently went on to study Hatha, Vinyasa flow and most recently Ashtanga, leading ultimately to her teaching qualification in Hatha Raja Yoga – the root of all yoga lineages. 

She has subsequently undertaken trainings on Yoga for stress and anxiety, Yoga and mindfulness for addiction recovery, and done further trainings with David Swenson, Jacinta McBurney, Ana Forrest and Doug Swenson.

Between 2008-2012 she also studied Kung Fu, Chi Kung and Meditation the latter two of which she still practices today. She integrates her understanding and experience of these disciplines in to her current yoga practice and classes.

Jack’s classes are designed to develop mindfulness and wellbeing and to teach skills that can be taken in to everyday life.  Physically, you can expect to improve your range of movement, release physical tension, tone up and build strength in a safe and mindful way, in a supportive environment where you are able to honestly explore the edges of your physical capability.  You will leave the class feeling relaxed, energised and ready for the ups and downs of everyday life!

Yoga for me is creating here and now through connecting with others and myself. My personal practise is based on learning how to be patient with my body, and exploring its endless possibilities through creative and playful sequencing, challenging me to reach out for more every time I step on the mat.

After completing my 200HR (Yoga Alliance) Vinyasa & Yin Teacher Training in Indonesia, I’m on a mission to learn more how connection between our mind, breath and movement can help us heal emotionally and physically by creating a balanced relationship between body and mind. My intention is to create a safe, carrying, and playful space to move and explore our possibilities together no matter the experience, age or shape. I love Yoga just as much as I love to travel, eat and meet new people & I’m always open for a cup of tea (cake) and a conversation!


Join me for some gentle Sunday morning flow to set your intention for the upcoming week; connect with yourself or others – meditate, stretch and play as we breathe and move together.  

Paula  Radziszewska

Tess first met with yoga during her contemporary dance training in 2006, where it became a vital tool in helping her to support her body and mind. In 2017, she completed her 200hr Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training in her hometown of Edinburgh, led by two inspirational teachers of MUDRA Yoga. She has since been teaching in a wide variety of settings, alongside her work as an independent dance artist.

Following her training she embarked on a journey to Latin America where she taught in Yoga exchange programmes in Peru, Colombia and Costa Rica. Returning home after 6 months she now teaches weekly classes at different studios in Edinburgh and is a regular cover teacher in the community. 

She offers a space where people from all walks of life can come together to practice with their own individuality and desires, but with the sense of interconnection between everyone in the room, finding the joy in moving and breathing together. Her classes are full of soulful flowing movement, to empower and nurture the body and mind, set within a relaxing and supportive environment. 

Tess Lethem

Lena Karmaz

Lena started practicing yoga at the age of 16 as an addition to fitness oriented classes and got carried away by the unique and impressive benefits and opportunities of this ancient practice. Continued to practice yoga for the following 15 years and teach for 12 in St. Petersburg, Russia and later on in Edinburgh. On her yoga journey Lena discovered the different styles and systems of yoga like Ashtanga, Yin, Flow and Power Yoga. Travelled to India on numerous occasions to learn from the traditional teachers and yoga schools in Delhi, Rishikesh and Mysore, India and absorb the deep knowledge and philosophy of Hatha Yoga. And in the same time dedicated lots of time and thought to combining the traditional approach and modern western approach of deep exploration of yoga anatomy and posture alignment.

Completed David Swenson’s Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training 40 Hour course in July, 2010. Followed by a Mark and Joanne Darby (Sattva Yoga Shala) 40 Hour Teacher Training workshop on the principles, form and teachings of yoga based on the Ashtanga Yoga method in May, 2013. Successfully completed a 1 month (200 hour) teacher training course on the Classical Hatha Yoga method of Morarji Desai Institute of Yoga (Delhi) in Rishikesh, India in October, 2013. Participated in numerous Ashtanga Yoga, Yoga Synergy and anatomy and physiology workshops around the world.  Worked as a synchronized translator for guest yoga teachers in St. Petersburg and Moscow, Russia.

Currently teaching (and loving it!) Beginners, Flow and Power Yoga classes in Edinburgh!

Lena’s classes are based on soft Vinyasa Flow or Power Yoga style dedicating lots of attention to breathing, correct posture alignment and balancing the body. You will find her classes beneficial for both beginner and intermediate students offering an individual approach to every student and providing lots of hands on adjustments in postures. Always open to any questions and a friendly chat after class!

Tara has practiced different styles of yoga and has a regular practice in Ashtanga, Vinyasa Flow and Yin Yoga. Having completed her teacher training at Meadowlark Yoga Edinburgh in 2015, she is a registered RYT-200 Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance and shortly after became a Kids Yoga Teacher upon completing training with Rainbow Kids Yoga in London. Since then Tara has further specialised in Baby Yoga and is a qualified Baby Massage instructor.  Tara recently qualified in teaching Youth Mindfulness to kids in primary schools and completed her 100 Hours Yin Yoga Training with Chi Therapeutics. She is currently training to become a Pregnancy Yoga Teacher with Judy Cameron British Wheel Yoga. 

As a Yoga teacher Tara is extremely passionate about the holistic mind and body benefits yoga can bring to all ages. She believes yoga is for everyone and is a great support to help people de-stress, connect with others, nourish our bodies and physically and emotionally improve our health and wellbeing. 

Tara Khoury

Tessa Welsh

I am a mama, a Yogi, a doula and a teacher. I believe Yoga is a form of self exploration, helping us to cultivate  a greater self awareness, to heal and restore a sense of balance in everyday life. 

I have practiced yoga for over 15 years, it kept me sane through times of stress and trauma, offered some space and calm in amongst work and home life and has given me the gift of self acceptance. For this I am forever grateful and humbled and only wish to share the opportunity yoga presents for us to always be playful, to let go, to forgive ourselves and others and to learn from every moment.

 I Trained in both Hatha, Ashtanga and Vinyasa, and set up YesYoga in 2017 with the aim to build community and support mental, emotional and physical wellbeing through yoga, healthy living and self care.

I believe in yoga's ability to connect and support women through the journey of motherhood and completed my specialist antenatal yoga training with Judy cameron and British Wheel of Yoga and Doula certification with Nicola Goodall and Red Tent Doulas. It is a privilege and honour to support women during their journey of motherhood and I continue my studies and personal interest to integrate the ethos of yoga into family life. In 2018 I will continue training with Uma Dinsmore in post Natal, family yoga, and Mum and baby, my ongoing study with Judy Cameron in Post Natal yoga and birth support and Doula and birth support mentorship with Nicola Goodall.  

Having taken up yoga in her late forties when aches and pains can so often start to set in and injuries in sport seem to take so much longer to heal, Sheila began to discover   the huge  benefits of  regular practice.  Fast forward a few years,  many yoga classes, a teaching qualification and a lot of personal practice and study, she is a strong believer that you are never too old to discover the joys of yoga.  Her classes allow students to be relaxed and comfortable, exploring their own limits with Sheila’s guidance and encouragement.

Sheila Dafereras

Rachel originally trained as a classical dancer at Arts Ed and dedicated many years to maintaining the extreme level of fitness required to perform. She enjoys keeping busy and is always looking for new ways to challenge both the physical and psychological aspects of exercise.  


Having had two major back operations she discovered Pilates through rehabilitation about 20 years ago. Rachel now uses the method to continue building strength and flexibility in a safe and effective way.  


Rachel trained in STOTT PILATES® and is also a qualified personal trainer. She loves teaching clients at all levels of fitness and fascinated with how the body works, especially that everyone is individual. She has ended up focusing a lot on Ante and Postnatal clients and helped many people regain confidence in their bodies postpartum. Rachel’s classes are designed with a focus on building strength, flexibility and confidence, whilst still having fun! 

Rachel Whorton

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